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Why become an Elk?…

We have heard all the excuses in the book, such as: I don’t have the time. Isn’t this for Retired Folks?, I don’t like clubs, they are just “cliques” and I won’t feel comfortable. .

Here are some awesome reasons for joining our Extraordinary Organization:

*** You will find tremendous satisfaction helping other people in our Community, including: Veterans, Kids with disabilities, Scholarships etc.

*** You will not only meet new Friends, but we help you open a new world of Business Referrals and Social Activities. We have even seen beautiful relationships & future marriages happen by becoming an Elk.

*** Don’t believe the Rumors. Elks are not a bunch of “Old Folgies” siting in a rocking chair & talking about the weather. In fact, we participate in many Social & Charitable Activities and the only thing missing is YOU!

*** We provide so many Benefits, Discounts, Etc. that you won’t believe what you have been missing.

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